almost home

just about home in just waiting for my bus to the fairy and then it's 2 hours on the fairy then I get to go home and get daddy to put a nice thick diaper on and *fingers crossed* the frilly plastic pants

can't wait to be home

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on my Wayhome

I'm on the bus home been talking to daddy about the sissy ness and he said we will talk about it more when I get home

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heading home tomorrrow morning
tomorrow i go to ketch the bus home i cant wait till i am home then i will get to put a diaper back on and maybe ill have frilly plastic pants put on over top

wish me a safe trip and luck on the becoming a sissy

asked daddy about trying sissy things
i was talking to him through text and i desided to ask him if it would be ok if i did the sissy thing for a bit to try it and see if i will like it. like starting with plastic pants with ruffles and then maybe later a blue dress and maybe a bow in my hair (i might be becoming a sissy but im still male) and he was like we will see. and he has been joking about befor putting me in them so i think when i get home to daddy he might have a nice thick diaper and ruffly plastic pants waiting on the bed for me

Wish me luck

Woot just turned 21 and restarted using this site
i made a new account here yesterday and i thought i would post a little blurb about what i have been up to the past few days.

well i am visiting my parents right now for a very late xmas and my birthday. they did up a turkey yesterday and it was absulutly fantastic. saddly i cant be diapered when i am visiting my parents for a extended period (they know i am a babyfur but they just dont like me wearing when i am staying more then a night at there house) so i have had to go with out a diaper on and wear underwear instead (i hate regular undies. i got to meet my great grampa on my moms side today we just got back from lunch with them.

im am totally hoping that when i get back home on the 27th that the case of diapers daddy ordered has been delivered that way i can wear some disposable diapers for a bit as a change and if they havent arrived yet then ill see if he will put me in a extra thick cloth diaper like thick anuff that it forces me to waddle and gives a nice big diaper bulge then see if he can take me to a park to play or if there is anuff snow on there ground on the island still when i get back go play in the snow.

also planing on asking him if i can try some sissy things for a while like wear a blue frilly babyish dress at home i hope he will

but i got to go for now
wish me luck dont want to pee my pants at my parents


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